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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Brighton Pride

I forgot to mention Brighton Pride, where I spent a fantastic few days experiencing gays from all over the UK and elsewhere flock to this quaint seaside town. It was a huge celebration and it truly took me the entire weekend to realize that not every place is homophobic as the majority of the United States. Walking down the ocean front very late at night, holding hands with a sexy and unique man, we passed gaggles of ridiculously intoxicated teenagers. (Note: Brits drink a fuckload more than Americans do, and that's saying a lot from someone who attends West Virginia University). The whole time we walked by them I was tense, half poised for a baseball bat to the back of the head. Rather, everyone was very friendly and stuck with saying nothing or a nice "How's it going?" Why every place can't tolerate homosexuality like this is astounding to me - not that it's something that should be tolerated, rather welcomed with open arms.

Pride aside, the town of Brighton is adorable - the small row houses are painted in pastel shades and the beach is filled with pebbles rather than sand. This sounds unpleasant, but I'd take that any day over washing mini-crystals out of my ass crack and other unmentionables. To top it off, there's a naked beach - the only one I've ever been to and I love it. While nearly everyone there is someone you'd picture to *lose* your erection, it's a very comfortable setting where no one is judged (says the man who just equated his surrounding beach-goers to erectile dysfunction). Fatties and Fitties alike bask in the glow of the sun on their bums and balls. And you occasionally get the surprise of a skinny dorky cute boy with an elephant sized member sliding up to have a chat and share a drink with you.

Next year, I hope to return to Brighton but if it's the same as this year and competing with Amsterdam Pride, I'll have to return on a weekend that's not coupled with a gay parade... as I think I need to experience Amsterdam's pride in 2011.

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